Who is Guardian Strategic Wealth Planners?

Guardian is a specialized consulting firm focused on helping business owners pursue continued success. Business owners face unique challenges in an ever evolving world. Every day, there’s opportunities to seize success and challenges to avoid hidden risks that are not yet known. At Guardian, we are a consulting firm that helps business owners see the multiple angles of each strategic decision with a focus on proven strategies to reduce taxes, increase cash flow, and reduce risks.

Guardian is the new generation of a specialized financial planning firm for early wealth producers, high-wealth individuals and small businesses. We’ve reimagined everything a wealth advisory should be: a safe place to explore, to ask questions big and small, to be honest, to be creative. All built around you and your legacy. Together, we’re confident in creating a path that’s uniquely yours. Financial freedom, fulfillment and purpose is possible. It’s starts with us.

Our personalized strategies are tailored around your unique needs. We don’t implement a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor our financial plans to the individual and their specific needs by coming alongside each client and giving them the tools they need to be assured that their financial goals are realistic. With our guidance and interactive financial planning software, we will empower you far beyond your finances. From learning your story, we provide you with wise guard rails that enable you to make powerful decisions on everything from your business’s growth to the gifts and legacy you leave behind.

Guardian Strategic Wealth PlannersBe Courageous.

Our Leadership Team

With our team of highly qualified specialists,
we are ready to help you grow wealth and prosperity purposefully,
and leave a meaningful legacy confidently.

Alexander Jones, CEO, Senior Financial Advisor

Alexander Jones


Alexander Jones is the CEO and founder of Guardian Strategic Wealth Planners. With over 11 years of experience in the finance industry, Alex is a passionate problem-solver and has achieved the professional designations of CFP, ChFC, and CLU to broaden his depth of knowledge. Alex’s creative thinking offers innovative solutions for Guardian’s clients. His primary focus today is to come alongside business owners and their existing professional partners to implement personalized strategies that reduce the unique risks business owners face.

Michael Claudio

Michael Claudio


Michael Claudio is an engineer by degree but an entrepreneur at heart. After working to grow and mentor engineering teams at OEM plants for Nissan and Mercedes-Benz, he went on to build and later sell an engineering service company with 200+ employees. Now serving as the President of Guardian, Mike works to protect our clients who harness that same entrepreneurial spirit and understands the importance of protecting what you’ve built through excellent strategic planning and consulting. A published author, he shares his business values and leadership best practices through his book, In Pursuit of Legacy.

Stephanie Gaveck, COO

Stephanie Gaveck


Stephanie Gaveck is the heart of Guardian Strategic Wealth Planners. As our COO, she assists Mike and Alex by tenaciously executing the company’s unique vision and goals. She believes that every client and business owner has a unique story that requires a unique approach. With a background in television development, production, and documentary research, Stephanie has unmatched attention to detail and process implementation. A master at organizing complex projects, she excels in leading teams that drive excellent results.

Our Mission

Guardian Strategic Wealth Planners exists to empower individuals
and businesses to make bold decisions courageously,
grow wealth and prosperity purposefully,
and leave a meaningful legacy confidently.